Mini School Buses

Mini School Buses

20 Children/14 Adults Passenger Capacity

– Air-Conditioning

Our buses come standard with:

– Two-Way Radios (We offer 24-7 Dispatch Service)

– Real time GPS Tracking System

Island Charter’s fleet of mini school buses are serviced with highly-qualified, professionally-trained drivers who are Article 19A certified, comply with the federal and state Department of Transportation motor vehicle regulations, and are NYC Board of Education certified.

Island Charter has a facility large enough to house the company’s highly-experienced maintenance technicians who are capable and equipped to make any repairs on the premises, as needed. Additionally, the company’s alliance with the Department of Transportation allows for NYS DOT Inspections* to be performed on-site, in order to meet and comply with the standards set forth.

*Island Charter’s fleet of mini school buses are DOT inspected every 6 months

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